Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kris Fairless - Gives Testimony at First Fruits Gathering

Please be my guest!

Market Place Ministry "FIRST FRUITS" Gathering

Friday, January 8th from 7 PM ‘til 9 PM

In the Prayer Chapel of Calvary Assembly of God
1199 Clay Avenue Winter Park, FL.32789

Special Guest Speaker: Kris Fairless (2009 Top income earner with RODAN + FIELDS)

Confidence in Crisis Meetings

Do you know anyone who needs help in recovery from a broken marriage?

Join me at the Confidence in Crisis monthly meeting starting this coming Tuesday! This meeting is being hosted by Sandy Isaacs, owner of Breakaway Moments and I personally support and admire Sandy and the ministry she has provided for so many women who are going through crisis.

'Confidence In Crisis' monthly presentations begin Tues. Jan. 12, 2010 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm at Clarion Inn & Conf. Center located in Altamonte Springs (corner of SR. 436 & Wymore Rd. next to Walgreens).

Designed to give encouragement, guidance, and positive support to women, these presentations by experts in different fields will touch on a variety of topics which offer hope and practical approaches in many areas where one is affected when in marital crisis with separation and/or divorce.

Minimal cost of $20 per person
(Snacks provided)

Call Sandy Isaacs at
(407) 272-7522 or email sandylisaacs@yahoo.com for more info.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Metamorphasis - "Joy Recovery"

The first two Cinderella Released Joy Recovery Groups have been so inspiring. Many of the women who are coming say they can already feel a definate change in their "joy level" even though they can't say specifically what has transformed them other than God is doing miracles, signs and wonders in our hearts and minds. We are laughing, crying and doing lot's of brain retraining. For more information please feel free to contact us about starting a group in your area soon!

These are trying times and the "Joy of the Lord is and will continue to be our strength."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joni Ames

Joni feels that a major part of her call is that she is to teach and raise up others in ministry and they often travel with her to share their ministry giftings and begin stepping out in what they are called to do.

Joni's life is a full time, faith based and offering supported ministry. When not "on the road," she depends on financial love gifts others send so she can spend some time studying, praying, planning and strategizing future meetings, as well as writing and keeping up her two websites. - Even the administration part takes a lot of work, especially since she doesn't have a full time secretary! Her lifestyle is kept simple (rents a small one bedroom apartment, drives 9+ year old car, etc.) and her "office" is in her home, so she can avoid the "asking" as much as possible, but there are "times" when a particular request needs to be sent out. What come in helps her survive another day, pay bills, put gas in the car, do the everyday life things and help keep her doing what she is called to do.

Visit Joni's Website

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dr. Theresa Slade

Dr. Teresa Slade is an ordained Pastor. She has been in active ministry for over seventeen years. She is the founder of Women to Women Ministries of Perry, Florida. She also ministers in song and believes that praise and worship brings us into the presence of God. Her desire for the church is that everyone knows who he or she is in God and that they walk boldly in their anointing and calling. Dr. Slade received a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies, a Masters Degree in Christian Education & Evangelism and Doctorate Degree in Theology from Truth Bible College and Seminary.
The Slades reside in Tallahassee, Florida and have three sons, Alzo, Jr., Maurice, and Michael.

The Potter's House

Rev. Bobette Stubblefield

Rev. Bobette, a former state Pageant winner, is an accomplished writer, teacher and public speaker. Her focal point is bringing to life the written Word of God and truly transforming it into "living oracles" applicable to each individual. Her goal is to teach people how to be real with one another, real with God and to stir up that passion in all of us for the Living Word.

She is adamant about breaking free of tradition and doing things a certain way because "that's how they've always been done". She believes God is bringing in a new sound, a fresh Word and new revelation. The drama she presents is original work created specifically for that season.

Pastors Jesse and Bobette who live in the Cairo, GA area have two sons, Michael and Matthew, two grand-daughters, Eliza and Breanna, and a grand-son, Alex.

Check out Jesse and Bobette's for information on how to purchase Bobette's plays.
David's Offering

Barbara Weeks Spayd

Prophetess Psalmist Evangelist

Barbara was a top salesperson for Sears when God called her to pack her bags, get on a plane and move to Israel to reclaim her Jewish heritage and become a "secret agent" for Jesus. She loves Israel, the Jewish people and they love her!

After spending over 13 years there, God sent a word that she would be returning back to the U.S. and another word came shortly after that she would be getting married before the end of the year.

Within weeks, she was introduced to Dick Spayd and before the end of the year they were married. He was with the missions organization Mission Possible and they were a match made in heaven. They both knew God had put them together. God calls Barbara to minister in very unique and bold ways to further the gospel. She is an anointed psalmist, prophetess and evangelist.

She has a wonderful love story of how the Lord called her to the nation of Israel and also as a wife, mother and grandmother.

Barbara preaches and teaches with power and authority, particularly about our destinies,end time ministry and in a way that is unforgettable. You will love her and Israel after you hear her speak.

Dick went home to be with the Lord a little over a year ago and also shares God's Word on healing, deliverance and grieving. Barbara's "Prophet's Den" is in the home of her son-in-law and daughter in Tallahassee, Florida. She has eight grandchildren.

Contact us for more information on having Barbara minister in your area.

Debby Smith - Women's Minister - Special Needs

Debby is a powerful teacher who paints a beautiful picture through God's word. Her testimony is one of great deliverance, healing and resurrection power especially for those who have been in prison or mothers with special needs children.

"I have been walking with the Lord thru several very hard things... His hovering wing is so great... it is like walking in a fierce rainstorm under the raincoat of a very tall and strong person. I see myself under the raincoat on the right side of this person, safely tucked under His arm, face hidden toward His chest, my right hand is clinching onto His coat, my left hand and arm are tightly wrapped around His waist. As we make our way down a dark and rain-soaked path, I peek out from between Him and His raincoat. I see nothing but pouring rain. I then hide my face toward His chest again, I am totally dependant upon His lead as we walk because only He can see where it is we are going."He guided them safely, so they were unafraid..." Psalm 78:53; "You are my hiding place; you will protect me..." Psalm 32:7

Debby ministers with compassion, tenderness and love. When listening to Debby share the Word of God, you feel like you are watching a movie. She expresses the Lord's compassion and revelation with such depth, you can listen for hours without ever growing weary. Debby has a compassion for women who are or have been incarcerated, abused, have addictions, and of course special needs children. She is married, has two children, the youngest is Jordan, pictured here. Please let us know if you would like for Debby to visit your group. Email

Donna Brown

Donna Brown has been preaching and teaching for over twenty years. Donna has a powerful word and is a beautiful woman who has been tested and tried. She knows the meaning of deliverance and overcoming grief. Donna lost her daughter Amanda (who had just turned 16) in a tragic automobile accident.

Donna has a testimony of God's redemptive love. As you can see, she is full of joy and laughter. Her testimony is wonderful, her presentation is powerful and command of God's Word is anointed. To anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, especially a child, you will want Donna to speak, and you will want her back for more. Her ministry to young adults is powerful for both young women and young men too!

Donna's "I Can See Clearly Now" is a message that will open your eyes in an amazing way. Please contact Eye of the Storm if you are interested in having Donna minister to your group or church. Donna resides in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband Meredith and son Joseph.

Email: jesus_eyeofthestorm@yahoo.com